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Kathleen Putnam

Kathleen Putnam, MS RD

Thank you for visiting the NutritionWorks website.

After fifteen wonderful years as a dietitian in private practice, I am starting a new career with Arivale here in Seattle. My website is currently in transition but will continue to act as a platform for connecting to an active Facebook page, future webinars and my professional history.

You are welcome to reach me through Facebook or by email at I am not open for individual nutritional counseling.

Announcing: Zing Nutrition Bars!


Okay, I admit it! As a practicing nutritionist, my primary concern in creating a new nutrition bar was just that... nutrition. But I also knew you’d be more likely to choose an all natural bar if you loved the taste! Accordingly, my colleagues and I put as much emphasis on flavor as we did on ingredients. (And the deliciously different part? We actually pulled it off!) Enjoy.

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